IRATA International Rope Access Training

RAI – West Africa Ltd provides a training facility for IRATA International rope access, fall arrest and rescue courses in Accra, Ghana.


IRATA International Qualification

The IRATA International Rope Access Training course is widely recognized  as the benchmark for operators wanting to enter the exciting world of Industrial Rope Access.

The course is an exciting start to a career in numerous fields, namely: Maintenance, Repairs or Rigging on Wind Turbines, Offshore Oil & Gas Assets, Power Stations / Power Generation Assets, Hydroelectric Facilities and Dams to name a few.


About the IRATA International Course

The course is run to any of the three levels, in full accordance with the IRATA TACS (Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme) August 2014. The course covers applicable legislation, the theory of fall factors, shock-loads and damages caused in the event of a fall and care and inspection techniques of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). All IRATA training courses have a mandatory independent assessment and successful candidates receive an internationally recognized qualification.

Level 1 rope access technician

The level 1 rope access technician shall be capable of performing a limited range of rope access tasks required by his or her employers, under the supervision of an IRATA level 3 rope access technician. He/she is:

  • Responsible for inspections of all his/her own personal rope access equipment;
  • Able to assist in rigging and non-standard operations, under the guidance of a higher grade;
  • Able to undertake a rescue involving descent by him/herself and have a knowledge of hauling systems.

NOTE: A level 1 rope access technician is not allowed to supervise others.

Level 2 rope access technician

A level 2 rope access technician shall be capable of rigging working ropes, undertaking rescues and performing rope access tasks (under the supervision of an IRATA level 3 rope access technician).  He/she should have some knowledge of legislation, safety requirements and quality assurance procedures relating to rope access.

Level 3 rope access technician

A level 3 rope access technician shall:

  • Conduct site supervision for rope access work projects;
  • Be conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation;
  • Demonstrate all the skills and knowledge required of levels 1 and 2;
  • Be able to conduct advanced rescue techniques;
  • Hold an appropriate current first aid certificate, to show that suitable emergency first aid training has been undertaken;
  • Have knowledge of the IRATA certification scheme;
  • Have knowledge of the IRATA TACS (Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme);
  • Be familiar with the contents of the IRATA ICOP (International Code Of Practice).

IRATA TrainingCourse Information

Courses are run regularly (In conjunction with RAI South Africa, IRATA Membership No: 7020 / OT),  please contact RAI – West Africa Ltd for more details:


Office: +233 (0) 302 731871



  1. Physically fit.
  2. Medical certificate for work at height.
  3. Minimum 18 years old.
  4. Be able to read and write English to NQF level 3.
  5. Functioning literacy in English (or African language).

Provided by RAI:

  1. All trainees will be provided with training manuals, IRATA TACS, IRATA ICOP, Pens and branded Buffs.


New application – 5 days of training with one day of assessment.
Re-registration at current level – Minimum of 4 days plus 1 day assessment (Must have in-date certification)


Training Scheme Flow Chart