DROPS Survey

DROPS is an industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropped objects, with the ultimate goal of delivering a second nature dropped objects prevention strategy across our industry.








RAI-WA can mobilize small effective teams within a short amount of time to anywhere in the world to not only find and record potential dropped objects, but using Industrial Rope Access methods, they can repair and rectify these items quickly.

RAI-WA can performed DROPS surveys on land rigs, jack up rigs, drillships and semi-subs.  Derrick and sub-structures will always be the primary focus of these DROPS surveys, but many clients like to include the entire rig on the survey.

RAI-WA has developed a custom built software for asset owners that does the following:

  • Fully customizable to Rig Type and Areas
  • All securing methods, control measures are preloaded into system.
  • Areas are broken down into major areas and then sub areas.
  • Cranes and helideck included.
  • One entry creates, updates and modifies the following:   Corrective Action Register, Inventory of Equipment, Weekly Checklists, Photo reference log.
Example of DROPS reports

Example of DROPS reports

Once the survey has been completed and the reports generated, they are uploaded onto RAI-WA’s Client Area online, which then allows the client to search, view and download all reports for each individual asset.