Asset Integrity Management

AIM and Fabric Maintenance utilizing RAI-WA’s own Asset Preservation System (APS).

Operator companies have all been the recipient of expensive, hard to understand asset preservation, asset integrity & fabric maintenance programs, RAI-WA realized that there is a chronic need for improvement to the services offered.

After listening to all the concerns we ran a RCA (Root Cause Analyses) on the services and programs offered to the industry, RAI-WA then used these findings as the starting point of the Asset Preservation System (APS).

Asset Preservation System (APS) Program overview:

Using RBI (Risk Based Inspection) & Industry Best Practice we analyze and conclude on risk, whilst aligning with the Clients operational culture.

Some common questions that can finally be answered “Where is my budget going?”, “What are all these people doing here?”, “Why do we require these pieces of equipment?”.

Execution Steps:

  1. RAI-WA will mobilize a small specialist team to perform an asset assessment and generate work packs.
  2. Work packs will include logical and auditable timelines for scope of work, materials, personnel and costing.
  3. Dependent on SOW, size of work packs and the client’s budgetary requirements, RAI-WA will mobilize multi-disciplined teams to perform all the works.
  4. RAI-WA will then populate work packs and trackers, these will be summarized and submitted for review daily, the beauty of this is that the APS is completely transparent.


Asset PreservationAsset Preservation

The Asset Preservation System (APS) is quality, budget and transparency focused system.

“We say what we do, and DO what we say!”.


Other services included in the APS are:

  • NDT (VT, ET, PT, UTM, MT)
  • Derrick/Mast Inspections
  • Risk Based Inspections
  • Pressure Vessel Inspections
  • Special periodical surveys
  • Structural inspections and repair
  • High and low pressure piping surveys according to API standards
  • GVI and CVI survey
  • PRV & PSV onsite calibrations and inspections