RAI – West Africa Limited (RAI – WA)  was established in 2016 as a fully Indigenous Ghanaian, Asset Preservation Service company, located in Accra, Ghana.

The strategic location of our office in Ghana allow us to fully serve the entire West African market. The core team has a wide experience on offshore & onshore assets (including FPSO’s, Drilling Rigs, Petrochemical Refineries and Industrial structures).

Over the last two years the core team members have developed a new offering to our clients in “asset preservation services”.

This development was motivated by the collapse of the oil price and the need for a change from the old style of fabric maintenance services to something more predictable (budget) / controllable with clear monitoring of value for money. After researching the shortcomings of the ‘old style’ and exposing the information to a RCA (Root Cause Analyses) we came to the conclusion that an interactive Asset Preservation System (APS) supported by specifically designed database is a far more complete and measurable offer to clients and would certainly be more price competitive.

One of the requirements for the APS to work is that we need new well trained ‘career’ employees which then lead to opening of the RAI-WA training Facility in Accra.

The RAI-WA Training Facility in conjunction with our partner companies is registered to perform a variety of International Accredited Training Courses.

Location of RAI-WA in relation to West African FPSO’s.